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  • The management and technical team over at PTl have worked hand in hand with our company for the past three years. Both jayasanjar.N and his team have shown great technical skills in application and web development. Proteam is working as our Technology Partners since 2006. Our past projects have the complexity of multiple deadlines and they have always handled them with top results. They are easy to work with and consistently kept us informed of the project ststus. PTL shows a great commitment to customer satisfaction and it is a pleasure to work with team. Mr.Ken Darrigo - President, ClearCut Operations Inc.,NY,USA
  • We are Outsourcing our projects to ProTeam for 3 years now and those two years were the fully productive time spent on making our products better. Their Experience and Commitment has made our products much better. Committed to bring the best of what is possible, with their Experience in Point of Sale Application development field they have given lots of great Ideas to make our applications more easy to use and effective as trusted by the user. They are committed equally good with bug fixing as well, reliable and pretty fast when needed. Needy urgent supports calls are addressed just in time. Over all ProTeam was the company I needed to develop all my applications DB and bring it out to life, as I am longing to do more project with this trusted and reliable teams and their management, I don't need to look further any more, ProTeam... In one word - No one better to outsource with and I mean it!!! Hisham S Bumedian - CEO, Almaqar Soft, Tripoli, Libya
  • We have been working with ProTeam for past few years and found them to be an excellent company to work with. The product they give has usually been tested and works the first time. Timing of products has been good, but not excellent. Where most products have been delivered on time and within schedule. They know the POS industry well and can usually understand a customer requirement fully. They also provide very helpful recommendations when a challenge is posed to them in order to resolve it. Bug fixing is EXCELLENT! Their commitment to maintenance of the software is second to none and is one of the best things when dealing with this company. Goro Gupta - Director, Indo Australia Pte Limited, Preston, Australia
  • We have been working with ProTeam for Six years and found them to be perfect IT Services partners to work. Perfect Team to work with for custom application development. Excellent Knowledge and Expertise in latest technologies, Electronic Medical Record Management, Inventory Management and Finance applications. Always get lots of inputs from them on all requirements to make product better. Their Testing Team is strong enough to manage all product release almost 99% perfect. Dharminder Singh Premi - President, Softforward Technologies Inc, Calgary, Canada

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